Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August Favourites

It’s almost the end of August already!? Oh I missed last month’s favourites! Though I doubt you noticed, my apologies dolls :)

I really wasn't happy with my daytime moisturiser (Nivea naturals something-something) ever since I read about the bacterial levels in jar moisturisers and that once they are opened, the product is virtually useless as it starts to break down. Anyho, it was a heavy glass jar so wasn't really very handy for travelling and I decided I needed some SPF protection. Nivea's products never break out my sensitive skin so I had a quick look in Boots. I picked up the normal/ combination skin and it's just what I needed; it absorbs quickly, isn't greasy, it has the generic 'Nivea smell' and SPF 15.

The Sudocrem tube really isn't what I was expecting. I’ve worked my way through many a tub as it's an absolute holy grail product of mine whether it be spots, cuts, burns etc etc - a complete miracle product. I guess it's because it's in a tube, but I was expecting a thinner consistency cream to the original tub, but it's exactly the same... in a handy tube - perfect!

I picked up the Palmer's at the airport as I managed to forget to pack any body butter/ lotion! It's really handy for popping in my bag, it's very moisturising and smells delicious - I'll most definitely be purchasing a bigger bottle.

The Dove is a re purchase, I used to use it when it was first released in red packaging... I don't really know why I stopped using it but the new packaging caught my eye. As far as I’m aware it's the same product - does it's job and smells lovely too.

If you’ve read a few posts back, you’ll know this is my first MAC lipstick and I’ve got some big love for this little bullet. It’s the exact shade I was looking for, it wears reasonably well and I like the sugary smell/ taste :)

I hope you’ve all had a lovely month! What have your favourites been? xx


  1. Sudocrem is a definite miracle product! I love the generic Nivea smell hah :) x

  2. I love the smell of Mac Lipsticks so much!

  3. i LOVE that lipstick so much! great picks, girlfriend. ;)

    love, rach.

  4. Cute blog :) That lipstick looks a gorgeous colour.


  5. I am SO obsessed with Palmers cocoa butter! I LOVE it! It does wonders.

  6. Cocoa butter is the best! Whenever I put it on people are like 'what's that lovely smell?' haha.

  7. Just found your blog, so reading back a few posts :) I love the look of this lipstick, gorgeous! x