Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Pumpkin Day!

Trick or treat lovelies? ;) I'm off into town for drinks... In mildly pathetic fancy dress! Hope you all have a brilliant night, whatever you are doing to celebrate. My apologies for the dreadful phone quality picture, I left my camera at home.

Blouse: Next  |  Skirt: H&M  |  Tights: Ebay  |  Heels: New Look


Friday, 28 October 2011

My heart belongs to New York City...

Yes I have returned from New York, and it was truly amazing! I'm already planning to go back as I have fallen in love with the city that never sleeps.
I have not, however, fallen in love with the jet lag. After landing at 6am UK time, I planned to keep myself awake until about half 7, so as to sleep off my jet lag in one go. However I fell asleep in my tea (yes, in it) so gave up and went to bed. After a 15 hour sleep, I am just about back to something resembling a human state. Here are my cliffs notes of shots (I took a few thousand!)

I'm currently staying in a hotel for my cousins wedding tomorrow, so expect me to be absent for a few more days. Hope you're all well chicks and welcome to new followers :) xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Happy Wednesday

Right, so I leave in about 34 hours.
& this is the current packing situation...

I've been at it pretty much all day and I'll I've managed to do is fold things into piles... Time for a coffee break methinks.
This’ll be my last post before I leave (I'm off Friday morning, 3:30am!) so I’m gonna be AWOL for a week or so! I'm actually back on the 25th, but I then leave to stay in my family's home town for my cousins wedding! Talk soon my lovelies :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Sunday in a nutshell

I went shopping again... *slaps wrist* I now have absolutely everything for New York! Today's a lovely lazy day, just been for a starbs with a friend.
Warm, cosy and comfy - nothing spesh.

Jumper: H&M  |  Leggings: Marks & Spencer  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Pumps: Converse
Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation/ Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer  Eyes: MaxFactor False Lash Effect  |  LipsNatural Collection 'Crimson'

Red lips + top knot = win.

Bit o' haulin'

So I'm literally thinking of hibernating... I love love love the colder weather but I feel so wiped out I feel I need a few days of TLC to be back to my old self. Not been up to much this week, 6th form and just relaxing with my girls mainly. I saw The Lion King in 3D on Friday night (a quick, last minute plan never fails!) and FYI chicks, I’m now seeing that film in a whole new light. Obviously it's a classic, but it was amazing to see in that quality.
It's now only 4 ish days 'till NYC! So, after so avid list making (yes, I’m a lists girl.) I realised how much I still had to buy, so yesterday, I skipped off to town with my mum for some last minute shopping! (I didn't literally skip... It was more of a shuffle.) Anyho, here's what I picked up :)

Hmm, I literally have no idea how to photograph a scarf...

Monday, 10 October 2011

FACT: Blogging & Harry Potter WILL make you feel better

Quick ramble for you all today! I'm not very well :( so I’m all cuddled up on the sofa with my duvet feeling sorry for myself and watching the autumn weather go by... I'm sure I’ve previously mentioned I love staying in on cold rainy days. When I opened my dashboard earlier I was delighted to see I’ve gained yet more followers - thank you so much, you've really brightened my day :) Ooh and It's only 10 days 'till I’m off to NYC (yaaaaay!) and I’m seriously excited! Though I must start packing soon... Did you all have a good weekend my lovelies? xx

What I'll be watching this after, hehe!

Friday, 7 October 2011


I just got in from a rubbish day to find out I'm going out for a meal with my family! My hair's boring and straight (ish) with just a few bobby pins and I haven't yet decided what shoes to wear but anyho, here's what I'm wearing - hope all you lovelies had a better day than I did! :)

Blouse: Select  |  Jeans: Dorothy Perkins 
Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation/ Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer  | Cheeks: Vie 'Blushing Beauty'  |  Eyes: MaxFactor False Lash Effect/ Collection 2000 Lash Build mascara  |  LipsMAC 'Creme in your coffee'


Monday, 3 October 2011

September Favourites

Sorry girlies, not very exciting this month. Ok, beauties first. I picked up Mushroom quite a few months ago and wore it to death at the time. I rekindled my love this month - I think it's a perfect colour for that summer to autumn transition; it's almost a nude and goes with everything and any skin tone.

The Solait Instant Bronzer was an absolute life saver. I decided to wear shorts on a night out last minute a few weeks ago, I went to pick up Sally Hansen's airbrushed legs but it was sold out everywhere! I spotted this on offer in Superdrug... I think it was only about £4, it's available in matte/shimmer and in about 3 shades I think. So it looks like Marmite (haven't yet decided if this is positive or negative), but it doesn't have the biscuit smell and the application blends seamlessly (no streaks, even in a rush!) the only downside is it is VERY wash off so I wouldn't wear it on a rainy night.

My skin has just not been playing ball this month. Nothing has changed, it's just decided to freak out a little bit (much to my dismay). Anyho, when it comes to skincare, my golden rules are 'back to basics' and 'consistent routine'. I kept my routine the same and to calm my skin down, I’ve been using good old Savlon. That’s right, I've been cheating on Sudocrem with Savlon. As much as I love Sudocrem for its millions of uses, I do find it slightly drying (which is why it's good for spots) but my problem has been really dry, sore patches and mini break outs as a result and I just find Savlon a tad more moisturising. (P.s, I still love you, Sudocrem)

Random favourites now. I've been in loooove with coconut water! I picked some up in Waitrose after I read about the benefits etc etc (I’ll admit, I was intrigued) and it’s delicious. It's good for me too? I'll be drinking a lot more of it then!

Have you heard James Morrison's new song? If you haven't, get on YouTube asap and check it out, it's really beautiful. (This is me, speaking as a JM fan) he has a gorgeous voice and I’ve been obsessed with this song. Oh, it's called I won't let you go :)

I am suuuuper excited about October - it's going to be a crazy month! As you will see from my previous post I've just got back from London! On the 21st, I'm off to New York (aaaaahhhhh!) and then returning home for a family wedding! Busy beee :) Hopefully the weather will continue and you all have a wonderful October xx


I'm back lovelies! Sorry it's been so long I've just been sooo busy recently but it feels nice to be back blogging again. Just a quick warning, I've got the rest of today off and a backlog of posts I’ve been meaning to put up!
Anyho, this weekend I was in Landan taaaan with the ladies of my family for a bit of a girly getaway/ celebration of my cousin’s engagement. I saw a Shrek matinee, had some lovely meals out, shopped too much (haul soon!) and went to Buck' palace to see the wedding dress! (Couldn’t take photos I’m afraid, sorry chicks) We had amazing weather (it was the same temperature as Rome!) and it was a lovely little break from the same old routine. Here's my snaps, hope you're all well, hello new followers! :)