Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bit o' haulin'

So I'm literally thinking of hibernating... I love love love the colder weather but I feel so wiped out I feel I need a few days of TLC to be back to my old self. Not been up to much this week, 6th form and just relaxing with my girls mainly. I saw The Lion King in 3D on Friday night (a quick, last minute plan never fails!) and FYI chicks, I’m now seeing that film in a whole new light. Obviously it's a classic, but it was amazing to see in that quality.
It's now only 4 ish days 'till NYC! So, after so avid list making (yes, I’m a lists girl.) I realised how much I still had to buy, so yesterday, I skipped off to town with my mum for some last minute shopping! (I didn't literally skip... It was more of a shuffle.) Anyho, here's what I picked up :)

Hmm, I literally have no idea how to photograph a scarf...


  1. Nice haul, love the scarf (and its photographed just fine... :D ) I lusting after the scarf loads where is it from? Have fun in NYC!!!! xxx

  2. Hehe thanks chick :) & it's from H&M xx

  3. Have an amazing time in NYC! xxx

  4. Have a good time in NYC! I was there this summer and it's amazing! Is this the first time you've been? You'll need to do a haul of what you got there! And make sure you go to Macy's - it's like 11 floors high! and it's the biggest store in the world! Enjoy!

    Holly x