Thursday, 15 December 2011

Revlon Black Cherry

Hi ho lovelies! My afternoon lessons were cancelled today (can't complain, can you?) so I've made a brew, stuck on loose women and thought I’d do a quick review of a lipstick I picked up last weekend.
I've been lusting after this for quite a while (well, I've been lusting over Mac's Media, but it being Christmas and all, I went for a more justified drugstore purchase).
It's a gorgeous vampy berry tone, one I've been seeing a lot recently, perfect for this winter and would suit any skin tone but looks particularly great on caspers like me. Quite a true to life swatch (and I took the photos in natural light so as to be as accurate as possible for y'all) Very pigmented coverage but does come off quite uneven with only a thin coat, still quite full on (which I personally love) but if you're not a fan of dark goth lips in the day, it's great as a berry stain. Dab it on and add a touch of Vaseline :)
I'd recommend a lip liner or steady hand as it’s quite a soft formula with a tendency to slide (and lipcote is a must for a night out!) While it transfers slightly it doesn't wear patchy or noticeably.  
The downside for me, is the packaging. I find it quite cheap looking... I think it's the gold I don’t appreciate and the clear section, although useful for looking for the right shade, is quite tacky. Still, the lids nice and secure though so you can chuck it in your bag without worrying about any lipstick mashing mishaps!
All in all it's a really great product for the price (£7 something), the perfect shade for this season, I would really recommend chicks!

*Quick update* nearly finished all my Christmas shopping, was treated to a Nandos by a very lovely friend last night, snow has hit again, can't find Topshop VECTRA3's in a size 4 anywhere! Also, I’m seriously considering ombre-ing my hair... thoughts?


  1. I love love love that colour! Absolutely gorgeous. I think you should go for the ombre, it's a great look, and would suit you! xo

  2. this colour is gorgeous! definitely want to try out a deep red/purple shade, maybe ill go in and try this one :)

  3. This is such a lovely colour, I love vampy lipsticks at the moment x

  4. I wish I could pull strong colours like this off! Also I love ombre, you can always dye over it if you don't like it :)

  5. Thanks for the tip! I have been looking for a very dark red but all Ive seen was too brown/black... Might go and try on this one!!

  6. The colour is really nice but I'm just not daring enough to pick a really dark one! I love pastelly pinks and that kinda stuff haha. I might just have to try one out aaah.

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  7. that lip colour is amazing, i've been looking for a red based purple shade for quite a while. i have mac's media and think this one is a slightly warmer toned version. i really love it.

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice.

    helen @ thelovecatsINC

  8. That color looks amazing on you!!!
    Love me a dark burgundy lip color!!!

    xoxo, maria

  9. vampire lips ftw!

  10. I love the vampy colour. Am following your blogxx

  11. Are you wearing lip liner with it in the picture ?..and if yes what kind and what's the name of it ?