Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Happy Wednesday

Had a disastrous day yesterday involving snow, my lack of balance, current illness and unreliable public transport. Long story short I returned home in the dark with sore hands and knees, no voice and kfc. I climbed into bed and watched chick flicks all night. Nothing like comfort eating to drown your sorrows :)
So today I had a major clear out / room tidy today. Recently things have just been getting on top of me. Metaphorically and physically I might add - There were bags of clothes, hangers, paper work all over the place! I'm planning on decorating/ revamping in the New Year so it was in need of a good empty. After making numerous piles for recycling, trash, charity shop etc. I have finished, and feel so much better for it! *tidy room, tidy mind and all that* ;)
This week I'm...
Advent calendar chocolate. I keep forgetting to open them so I got 4 this morning!
Talk that talk album. Riri's done it again! Love love love cockiness, drunk on love and farewell.

slightly fed up of:
Snow. If it doesn’t fall heavy enough to go sledging or close 6th form, I don’t want to know.
Olay face wipes. My usual Nivea ones weren’t in the supermarket so I picked these up and they’ve broken me out. Boo.
Silly boys that can't make up their minds!

Hope you're all alright chicas! What are you loving/not so much this week? xx


  1. I'm loving ASOS winter wear sales and hating the fact that the heating seems to go on in every room but mine... I absolutely freeze going to bed and waking up in the morning :(

  2. I'm loving Riri's album too! She's baaaaad!