Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Sunday in a nutshell

Eeeek! One week today chickys! So today I took my dad Christmas shopping and I managed to take a few snaps before I stepped out the door (It's a pretty boring outfit, so sorry about that) I'm completely exhausted at the moment! I managed to oversleep on my last day of term *ripple of applause* which was a great ending to this year. I was then at a friend’s gig till very late Friday (or early Saturday, depending on how you look at it) then off to work on a few hours sleep.. Nothing like burning the candles at both candles eh lovelies? Still it's catching up on me and as a result I keep falling asleep in the middle of things (blogs, meals etc) It's safe to say, I'm ready for this holiday!

Jumper: H&M  |  Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins  |  Monk shoes: M&S Limited  |  Necklace: Forever21

My apologies for the grainy appearance/ bad lighting - we're at a bit of a disadvantage on the light front at this time of year. Still, hope you're all well and had a lovely Sunday :)


  1. Gorgeous necklace! Love the shoes too.


  2. love your jumper!
    and yes i was so excited when she favourited my tweet about my latest post! eek!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  3. Your jumper is really nice :) As is the necklace, great simple outfit. xx

  4. I love the cream jumper, its so cute

  5. your necklace is so preatty :)*

  6. ooo, wow - i really love your necklace! where did you get it?

    lovely blog! :)
    take care!

  7. I really like this outfit! I know what you mean about borig - I sometimes don't bother taking pictures on days when I have time to if I don't think what I'm wearing is 'interesting', but when I read blogs I actually really like seeing people wearing 'real' clothes that I would/could wear!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth