Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Über quick day summary/ haul

Hello my lovelies, hope you’re all well! I was at 6th form this morning for lit and at lunch my art class hopped on a bus to town. After a lovely, albeit, slightly overcast lunch (boo for clouds!), we went to a screen printing workshop as research for our upcoming project. We wandered round the most unusual, rickety little building looking at different pieces until our feet started to ache, then a few of us took advantage of the fact we we’re in town, and did what we do best, shop.
We only spent about 45 minutes in total as we did all want to return home for a cuppa, still, I thought I’d show you what I picked up :)

Primark £6

I don't usually shop in primark, in fact, I haven't been in the shop for years! But I've seen this bag on quite a few blogs and just had to pick it up... tan AND turquoise? what more could a girl want this summer?

H&M £3.99

I’ve been looking for some feather earrings for a while and I really liked the way these were natural-looking but still with a flash of colour.

H&M £5

People seem to be getting some great bargins in the H&M sale recently so I thought I'd have a browse. I found these hareems for only £5! I thought they'd be great for the warmer weather (If the sun returns!) 

I'm home alone at present and have no idea where my family is... Still, I’m worn out and plan on changing into my pj’s, cooking myself some tea, and watching a chick flick with some form of unhealthy snack (most likely popcorn and chocolate) Enjoy your evening – whatever you’re up to! x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Sunday in a nutshell

Well well it's been a gloriously sunny day today! We've had highs of 27˚C, yes, in England! There’s a chance summer may have arrived (yaaaay!)
As my shift didn't finish 'till about 2 o'clock this morning, I didn't wake up until about 11, and even then, it was a rude awakening. (With thanks to the neighbours. grr.) Still, I was straight up and out for a coffee in the sunshine. I had a lovely lazy day outside with my mum and sister, reading and chatting. Not the most eventful day but a very pleasant one, finished off with pimms on the patio courtesy of my mother :) What did you get up to?

(Sorry about the quality, the photo was taken on my blackberry)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Estée Lauder idealist even skin tone illuminator

Hey dolls! So I’m sure you’ve all seen the new Estée Lauder ad on TV and pasted through all the glossies, it’s a major new ad campaign starring models Joan Smalls, Carolyn Murphy, and Liu Wen. If you happen to have been in hibernation for the past month, or happen to have enough willpower to ignore the incising commercials and luxurious double page spreads, I’ll give a bit of background on the product;

(From Estée Lauder online)
The first fast-acting Serum from Estée Lauder Research proven to significantly reduce the look of uneven skintone:

- Blotchiness
- Blemish marks
- Dark spots
- Discolourations

Instantly, skin looks fresh and radiant. Skin looks noticeably clearer, brighter and more even-toned. Dark spots appear reduced. Proven gentle and effective for all ethnicities. ‘Imagine skin so incredibly clear, even-toned and radiant, you have nothing to hide.’

(The ‘sciencey’ bit)
This intensive, yet gentle oil-free serum features powerful technologies to address the look of every key sign of uneven skintone:

- Triple-Optic Technology provides skin with a brighter, more luminous look from the very first application.
- CorrectTone Technology reduces the appearance of uneven skintone, while anti-oxidants help prevent its re-appearance.

(and now the stats..)
79% of women saw an immediate improvement in the look of uneven skintone.
(Oh and its oil-free, dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, non-acnegenic)
The gorgeous packaging which is pretty much standard for EL skincare

But I was just wondering if anyone’s tried it? I’ve read tonnes of reviews online and they all seem very positive and optimistic as are most EL reviews. I always browse the EL counters but never can bring myself to spend that amount of money on skincare or makeup products... Still I guess if it works it’s worth it right?
I am a self confessed skincare junkie. I’m drawn in by the promises, buy the products and after months of dedicated use, decide it’s not actually going to have the desired effect and I stop using it.
This product (if it does what it’s supposed to) could be a real life saver as the problem with my skin is not spots, but the marks they have left behind and being as pale as I am, they are quite obvious and the only thing keeping me from baring everyday life makeup free! However, that hefty price tag is still scaring me off - I can’t see past £46 for 30ml!
I don’t know if I can bring myself to pay that much for something I haven’t already tried and tested...

Your thoughts my lovelies? x

Friday, 24 June 2011


Should probably be more appropriately titled; Nails of the week as who changes their nail varnish daily? Still...

(Apologies - I'm not the best at painting nails)
beautyuk: white tip | 17: nail xtras shimmer top coat | Rimmel: 805 grey matter

I'm loving the current trend of painting your ring finger a different/ contrasting colour. It's simple, but eye-catching :) x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Happy Wednesday :)

Hello my lovelies! Hope you’re all well and enjoying your week, I woke up this morning and decided it was time for a mid week ramble!
So I’m lucky enough to have every Wednesday off as I don’t have any lessons and only work nights, and while you would expect I’d use this time productively (to do 6th form work etc.) I do not. I am excellent at procrastinating and usually spend my time sleeping, drinking coffee, watching daytime telly or YouTube videos, playing sims (yes, sims!) and generally lounging around the house. This is then usually topped off with my yoga class and on returning home more of the same. Lazy? I know, but I quite enjoy my mid-week dossing days.
Gah I know I’m such a nerd for saying this but I’m soooo looking forward to the final Harry Potter movie! I believe it’s out July 15th and I cannot wait (I do also use HP as a form of procrastination) I also have a real urge to watch Twilight. Now before you all roll your eyes and exit my blog I just want to point out that I am not your usual Twilight groupie. I’m not team Edward, or team Jacob, I’ve only really seen it once or twice but I really feel like watching it. Perhaps I will hop over to Amazon and see how much it’s going for.
I had sweet chilli Ryvita mini’s for lunch.. This is in no way interesting or important but they were seriously tasty and you should all try them :) xx

Monday, 20 June 2011

How much is your face worth?

I was given an unexpected afternoon off today and on arriving home was at a loss of what to do with myself. I’ve seen this tag sort of thing on quite a few blogs so I thought I’d give it a go :) My apologies for some of it looking a little worse for wear, it gets quite a bit of hammer in my make up bag!

Nivea pure & natural soothing day cream (for dry to sensitive skin) £5.10
17 photo flawless primer £4.99
Bourjois healthy mix foundation (#51) £9.99
Collection 2000 lasting perfection 16 hr ultimate wear concealer (#1 Fair) £4.19 (The writing wore off the packaging)
Vie eye shadow collection (‘In the buff’) £10.00
MaxFactor false lash effect mascara £10.99
Vie one step face base (Ivory) £16.00
Vie 'blushing beauty' £16.00
Soap & Glory hocus focus £12.26
Vaseline lip therapy £1.32
Rimmel moisture renew lipstick (‘Nude delight’) £6.29               

That makes a grand total of £97.13!

I feel rather sick at the thought of all this going on my face! Thankfully during the week I don’t tend to wear much more than moisturiser and concealer :)
Hope you all have a lovely evening and if you decide to have a go at this yourself, comment and let me know – I love reading these! xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Spring Haul

A few things I've picked up over the past month, as you'll be able to tell - I'm a sucker for a bargin ;)

Dorothy Perkins £29.50

I don't usually spend much over £20 for a top but I tried this on and fell in love with it, plus it's suuuper comfortable :)

Vintage Levi's £8

I picked these up in a local vintage shop - complete bargin, yes? & now for the sale items!

New Look £8 (Was £14.99)

This is actually from the teen section but I just couldn't walk past it!

Peacocks £9 (Was £16)

How gorgeous is the lace back on this top? I spotted it online and it was selling out fast so I bought it regardless of the shipping.

Matalan £8 (Were £18)

Peacocks £10 (Were £20)

There's was a massive sale on accessories at my local dotty p's and after perusing I decided not to go over board and just picked up these two necklaces - a complete bargin at just £3 each!

Asos £6

I've been having a mild obsession with the colour turquoise recently and I'm pretty sure it will continue for the foreseeable so couldn't resist this! Stay tuned for a drugstore haul x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A ma-hoosive apology!

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? It’s been an unforgiveable 51 days!! (Not a very good start, is it?) I want to start by saying a massive thank you to you lovelies who have clicked that little ‘follow’ button – it really means a lot to me and yet it seems I’ve let you down already, and for that, I apologise profusely.

Revision/ exams/ coursework + extra shifts and family commitments = a very exhausted Lily!

So, quick update; I have now finished ALL exams, handed in ALL coursework and turned 17! And while I haven’t been blogging, I’ve still been picking up odd items :)
... I say ‘odd items’ but while the time has accumulated so has the amount of clothes, shoes, skincare, makeup etc. And now exams are over I have plenty of spare time on my hands so expect a beast of haul this coming Friday!
Huge apologies once again and expect to hear from me very soon! x