Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Über quick day summary/ haul

Hello my lovelies, hope you’re all well! I was at 6th form this morning for lit and at lunch my art class hopped on a bus to town. After a lovely, albeit, slightly overcast lunch (boo for clouds!), we went to a screen printing workshop as research for our upcoming project. We wandered round the most unusual, rickety little building looking at different pieces until our feet started to ache, then a few of us took advantage of the fact we we’re in town, and did what we do best, shop.
We only spent about 45 minutes in total as we did all want to return home for a cuppa, still, I thought I’d show you what I picked up :)

Primark £6

I don't usually shop in primark, in fact, I haven't been in the shop for years! But I've seen this bag on quite a few blogs and just had to pick it up... tan AND turquoise? what more could a girl want this summer?

H&M £3.99

I’ve been looking for some feather earrings for a while and I really liked the way these were natural-looking but still with a flash of colour.

H&M £5

People seem to be getting some great bargins in the H&M sale recently so I thought I'd have a browse. I found these hareems for only £5! I thought they'd be great for the warmer weather (If the sun returns!) 

I'm home alone at present and have no idea where my family is... Still, I’m worn out and plan on changing into my pj’s, cooking myself some tea, and watching a chick flick with some form of unhealthy snack (most likely popcorn and chocolate) Enjoy your evening – whatever you’re up to! x


  1. Super cute purse, but I'd love to see if you have any screen printing work!


  2. I do have a few odd blackberry snaps of screen prints we were looking at if you's like me to post those? none yet of my own work xx