Friday, 17 June 2011

Spring Haul

A few things I've picked up over the past month, as you'll be able to tell - I'm a sucker for a bargin ;)

Dorothy Perkins £29.50

I don't usually spend much over £20 for a top but I tried this on and fell in love with it, plus it's suuuper comfortable :)

Vintage Levi's £8

I picked these up in a local vintage shop - complete bargin, yes? & now for the sale items!

New Look £8 (Was £14.99)

This is actually from the teen section but I just couldn't walk past it!

Peacocks £9 (Was £16)

How gorgeous is the lace back on this top? I spotted it online and it was selling out fast so I bought it regardless of the shipping.

Matalan £8 (Were £18)

Peacocks £10 (Were £20)

There's was a massive sale on accessories at my local dotty p's and after perusing I decided not to go over board and just picked up these two necklaces - a complete bargin at just £3 each!

Asos £6

I've been having a mild obsession with the colour turquoise recently and I'm pretty sure it will continue for the foreseeable so couldn't resist this! Stay tuned for a drugstore haul x

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