Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year Goals :)

Gosh lovelies, I'm sorry it's been so long but I've been very busy in this redundant week between Christmas and New Year. (Visiting family, eating, drinking, recovering - the usual!) Anyway I'm sat here with a cuppa reflecting a bit on this past year and thought I'd share this list with y'all. They're not really resolutions, just things I'd like to accomplish in 2012 :)

Pass A levels
Pass driving test
Reach 500 followers (a little too ambitious perhaps?)
Don't leave all work to the last minute! (you do not always work better under pressure)
Find a new job (fed up of slave labour!)
Get a tattoo
Buy a new camera (pretty sure mine's on its way out)
Become more self-sufficient
Take more risks

Any goals or resolutions honeys? Hope you all have a lovely New Years Eve and best wishes for next year! :)


  1. I definitely should put the job one down as one of mine, I finish uni this year and I will need a real scary job.. eeek!
    Happy new year honey, I hope all your dreams come true in 2012

  2. happy newyear, hope you can reach all of the things you want :)

  3. What tattoo are you thinking of getting?
    I had my first one last year. So addictive,had to stop myself getting a second!
    Great blog

  4. oh one of my aims to pass my A levels too; good luck! :)
    hope you had an amazing new year! xo

  5. Literally wish I'd seen yours before I wrote mine! I need to be more self-sufficient too.. URGH effort. Also good luck on A Levels! xx

  6. I can help you with one of your goals in following your blog :)

    Great blog :)

  7. I'm going to help you reach one of yours by following. happy new year


  8. Ohhh what tattoo are you thinking of getting?! :) Great blog!! xoxo

  9. ooohh Hope you get all your goals :) pretty sure you'll get 500 followers! xx

  10. i'm trying to do the first two aswell! and get a new camera... maybe for my 18th! the one i have the screen doesn't work and that's how i take my blog photos!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  11. Muito lindo seu blog, adorei e ja estou lhe seguindo. Espero que vc goste do meu blog e também passe a me seguir.
    Beijos do Brasil e do Nolhares

  12. Mine is to start driving and pass my test by the end on this year! & I cannot wait to get my first tattoo:D what are you thinking of getting? xx

  13. Great goals- I need to take more risks too (: