Monday, 3 October 2011

September Favourites

Sorry girlies, not very exciting this month. Ok, beauties first. I picked up Mushroom quite a few months ago and wore it to death at the time. I rekindled my love this month - I think it's a perfect colour for that summer to autumn transition; it's almost a nude and goes with everything and any skin tone.

The Solait Instant Bronzer was an absolute life saver. I decided to wear shorts on a night out last minute a few weeks ago, I went to pick up Sally Hansen's airbrushed legs but it was sold out everywhere! I spotted this on offer in Superdrug... I think it was only about £4, it's available in matte/shimmer and in about 3 shades I think. So it looks like Marmite (haven't yet decided if this is positive or negative), but it doesn't have the biscuit smell and the application blends seamlessly (no streaks, even in a rush!) the only downside is it is VERY wash off so I wouldn't wear it on a rainy night.

My skin has just not been playing ball this month. Nothing has changed, it's just decided to freak out a little bit (much to my dismay). Anyho, when it comes to skincare, my golden rules are 'back to basics' and 'consistent routine'. I kept my routine the same and to calm my skin down, I’ve been using good old Savlon. That’s right, I've been cheating on Sudocrem with Savlon. As much as I love Sudocrem for its millions of uses, I do find it slightly drying (which is why it's good for spots) but my problem has been really dry, sore patches and mini break outs as a result and I just find Savlon a tad more moisturising. (P.s, I still love you, Sudocrem)

Random favourites now. I've been in loooove with coconut water! I picked some up in Waitrose after I read about the benefits etc etc (I’ll admit, I was intrigued) and it’s delicious. It's good for me too? I'll be drinking a lot more of it then!

Have you heard James Morrison's new song? If you haven't, get on YouTube asap and check it out, it's really beautiful. (This is me, speaking as a JM fan) he has a gorgeous voice and I’ve been obsessed with this song. Oh, it's called I won't let you go :)

I am suuuuper excited about October - it's going to be a crazy month! As you will see from my previous post I've just got back from London! On the 21st, I'm off to New York (aaaaahhhhh!) and then returning home for a family wedding! Busy beee :) Hopefully the weather will continue and you all have a wonderful October xx


  1. I'm so intrigued by coconut water, might have to give it a go! xx

    I've just done my September favourites too:

  2. Lily! I noticed you were following my blog and I just wanted to say, you are gorgeous! I was like "who is this pretty girl following me!?". Your blog is really good. Keep up the fabulous work girl!

  3. The Superdrug solait range is actually pretty decent, I also reslly like Savlon!