Monday, 3 October 2011


I'm back lovelies! Sorry it's been so long I've just been sooo busy recently but it feels nice to be back blogging again. Just a quick warning, I've got the rest of today off and a backlog of posts I’ve been meaning to put up!
Anyho, this weekend I was in Landan taaaan with the ladies of my family for a bit of a girly getaway/ celebration of my cousin’s engagement. I saw a Shrek matinee, had some lovely meals out, shopped too much (haul soon!) and went to Buck' palace to see the wedding dress! (Couldn’t take photos I’m afraid, sorry chicks) We had amazing weather (it was the same temperature as Rome!) and it was a lovely little break from the same old routine. Here's my snaps, hope you're all well, hello new followers! :)

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