Friday, 28 October 2011

My heart belongs to New York City...

Yes I have returned from New York, and it was truly amazing! I'm already planning to go back as I have fallen in love with the city that never sleeps.
I have not, however, fallen in love with the jet lag. After landing at 6am UK time, I planned to keep myself awake until about half 7, so as to sleep off my jet lag in one go. However I fell asleep in my tea (yes, in it) so gave up and went to bed. After a 15 hour sleep, I am just about back to something resembling a human state. Here are my cliffs notes of shots (I took a few thousand!)

I'm currently staying in a hotel for my cousins wedding tomorrow, so expect me to be absent for a few more days. Hope you're all well chicks and welcome to new followers :) xx


  1. awwww so jealous looks amazing!!!! glad you had fun, looking at those pics has made me get empire state of mind in my head lol xxx

  2. first up- love ur blog!
    i'm going to NYC in march and i literally cannot wait, esp after seein your fotos! any fab places i NEED to go?? and am i gona need to rob a bank to buy everything?! ha!