Friday, 13 April 2012

March Favourites

Possibly the latest favourites post ever?! Spent the past couple of days desperately trying to finish any work I was given to complete over the holidays (I'm not alone, right?) But I'm back, with a slightly boring selection of favourites and a pile of posts to publish! :)

I rediscovered my Revlon colorstay this month. Well, I say rediscovered, I was never really its biggest fan! I have the shade Ivory, which I was told was the lightest shade (still believe this to be true) I remember swatching in Boots before I bought and it seemed the perfect shade. On getting it home, I believed it was far too pink-toned for my skin and never seemed to look right and it has sat on my foundation shelf, unloved ever since. I have no idea what made me pick this up this month, but either my skin tone has changed, or the foundation has, because now it seems the perfect shade! On reflection, that was a year or so ago and I think my knowledge of foundation and how to apply has increased. Either way, I've been wearing this quite a lot recently, mainly for work as it does have great staying power.

Vie revitalising cleanser is an old favourite. It's a thick, pearlescent mousse texture, even the tiniest amount foams up hugely to a really rich lather. Even though it's gentle it still feels like its cleaning deep down. Leaves my skin soft, squeaky clean and glowy.

I've really got back into liquid liner this month, opting for a feline flick on the outer corners... I used to do this daily a few years back, don't really know why I stopped. Laziness I guess! Anyho I went to pick up an old favourite of mine, Collection 2000 fast stroke. Unfortunately it was sold out so I took a £2 gamble and picked up the 2True 'ultimate liner' and it payed off! It's got a shaped, spongy type of applicator which I find much easier to apply than the brush ones. It's also matte, which I love. I know many bloggers rave about the L'Oreal carbon gloss liner, but I really don't like the sheen it leaves once dry. Taking that, and the price difference into consideration, 2True all the way!

A month of rekindling forgotten products for me! What have been your recent favourites?


  1. I was looking at 2True products the other day, but wasn't sure if they'd be any good. Need a new eyeliner, so I think I'll try it for a very reasonable £2! x

  2. that 2true eyeliner sounds good! I think it was 2true that had some nice lippies in too! I completely agree with you about the carbon gloss liner, its so shiny on me i hated it, probably over hyped? Lovely faves xx

  3. i bought the 2true eyeliner years ago and i never really appreciated how good it was until recently, its so surprising! xo

  4. I'd quite like to try the Revlon colourstay, but I'm quite pale and often Ivory is too dark...will give it a go though. Also, only just discovered 2true and really like their eyeshadows (I'm too scared to try liquid liner!) xx

    1. I'd give it a go, I'm really pale too and have the same problem with these so called 'ivory' shades but this is perfect :) x

  5. Im definitely going to buy the 2true liner!

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