Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Festival Chic

I'm back! :) I took a small break from blogging (2 weeks!? crikey, I’m sorry!) I've been very worn out with work, illness (...and pre summer hangovers. Lily, you're not fooling anyone.) Ok, so I’ve been working hard, and partying harder and now summer has officially begun! I was at a festival all weekend so I thought I’d show you an OOTD, unfortunately, I only managed to get part of it, and it is BlackBerry quality... Still, I'm sure you can get the idea. Oh and did I mention; THE BRACES HAVE BEEN REMOVED! I finally had them taken off last Wednesday and it was the most brilliantly bizarre experience. My teeth feel really smooth and I literally cannot stop myself from smiling (This was a warning in advance for the grinning)

(I have cropped out the horrendous face I was pulling, unfortunately this was the closest I could get to a full length shot)
Crop top: New Look  |  Shorts (originally jeans): Primark

(oh but look, I did find a picture of my shoes!)
Military boots: chockersshoes.co.uk 

The line up included Pixie Lott, Olly Murrs and the wonderful Joshua Radin, whom I love.

Aviators: RayBan

I had a wondeful time with my some of my closest friends - it was a great kickstart to my summer. Have you lovelies been to any fests? what did you wear? xx

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  1. Cute top & aviators!!We haven't been to any festivals but that doesn't stop us rocking the festival chic look ourselves ;)

    We're now following you! Please check us out our blog post & follow us back if you'd like ;)

    T & J