Friday, 8 July 2011

Update & such...

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re all well! Sorry for the lack of posts this week but I’ve been busy with various things (and school work, much to my dismay) I really don’t know where the days have gone!
I’m currently sitting inside in my pj’s, drinking a lovely cup of coffee, with a playlist of relaxing songs running while I watch the rain pour down outside. It’s felt like autumn all day today, I left my house bright and early it this morning for a few lessons of art, it was chilly and drizzling and there’s been a consistent run of heavy showers all day. Still, I can’t day that I mind very much, I don’t have work or anything else planned for the rest of the evening, and to be perfectly honest, I love nothing more than sitting inside on a day like this :)
Anyway I thought I’d take this opportunity just to mention a few things I plan to do in the next week or so. Although I have been very busy, I did manage to find a spare day to go shopping (I know, how convenient right?). This was a solo shopping trip as I had a few essentials to pick up, such as work trousers (I did not get these) and birthday cards (I actually forgot these as well) I strangely enjoy shopping alone - I don’t feel guilty for dragging whoever I’m with back and forth to the same shop, ‘um-ming’ and ‘ah-ing’ over a particular item, only to decide, I don’t actually want or need it.
So, off to the shops I went! ...I won’t lie, I pretty much demolished all the sales. I have since decided that if I don’t want to spend too much, it’s probably not the best idea to go shopping alone. (I didn’t realise there were so many sales on at the moment) TOPSHOP!!! That s'all I'm saying ;) (It's safe to say, I may have got a little bit excited) Well, at least you can expect a sizable haul coming soon!
Speaking of clothes and such, I keep meaning to take pictures of my OOTD’s but I always remember once I’ve got changed and removed my makeup, and I don’t really see the point in getting dressed and ‘re-applying’ again.. It rather defeats the object of spontaneity, right?
Hmm, what else is new? Ah! Well we’re almost down to 1 figure digits on the ‘Goodbye braces’ countdown – just 11 days to go! (Well, that’s if you don’t count today... or the day they are removed - which you don’t!)
The next few weeks are going to be busy ones as we round up the academic term and the teachers pile on the ‘summer work’ (In my opinion, those are two words which should never be used in conjunction) Still, I’m sure I’ll be able to manage to post, it’s rapidly becoming an excellent method of procrastination.
Few, this was a bit of an essay! Hello to my new followers - there's 20 of you now (Wow thanks, I didn't think anyone would want to read these ramblings!)  Much love! xx

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