Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy Wednesday

My my, two posts in one day, someone’s clearly feeling guilty for being absent for a week or so...  Should be doing coursework but instead I’m watching the vampire diaries. (New love, I’m currently studying gothic literature and I’m pretty much kidding myself it's research) ;)
Winter is officially here, so thank goodness my heating is now fixed! (And about time too, I’m pretty sure the mini heater's on its last legs) I'm still wearing ridiculous amounts of layers though; jumpers, scarves, hats - basically all things knitwear! God I love winter. However I'm starting to get that horrid stomach feeling every time someone mentions Christmas as I have of yet, only bought about two presents... Really must sort that.
I hope you're all well my dears, hello new followers, nearly at the big one-zero-zero, can't believe it! I really must get on with some work now. (Who am I kidding, really?) Time to make a coffee and stare at Microsoft word for the next couple of hours...


  1. i never got into the vampire diaries... or the vampire craze in general!

    great post :] x

  2. You've bought two more Christmas presents than I have then haha. Jealous of you studying gothic literature, I loved doing that! X