Monday, 7 November 2011

October Favourites

A very late favourites due to my busy schedual. My goodness, November! Entering exhausted but optimistic :)

I've rekindled my love for Elnett. It's a classic, and best of all, brushes out.

I picked up the George polish in Asda whist doing my weekly shop. It caught my eye instantly - it's a gorgeous metallicy, petrol-like shade that's everywhere this season.

I've been loving Lipcote this month! I'd say that it almost turns your lipstick into a stain without affecting the shade quality. It’s been around for years, and I’d say it’s here for the foreseeable.

With the 3 for 2 offers all over boots, I picked the Natural Collection Moisture shine in crimson on a bit of a whim and ended up loving it. The colour was great, it lasted well and wasn't drying. After it mysteriously broke in half on a night out, I picked up another only for it to break during transition for New York... Another mashed beyond repair! I'm a little disappointed, but I wore it nonstop when it was in one piece so a favourite it is :)

I bought the Natural Collection Lash Build as a cheap mascara to create spider lashes for nights out and was pleasantly surprised, the brush tapers, so it coats every lash. Complete bargin.

I've really simplified my skincare this month, just using the Neutrogena scrub morning and night and slapping on the moisturiser as the temperature drops. As a result my skin has been no trouble at all.

What have you been loving this month? xx


  1. I really love the Natural Collection Lash Build too, it takes a little more time to build up to the look that I want than say a Maybelline mascara, but I can deal with that when it's only £1.99! x

  2. I have the neutrogena 2 in one mask and cleanser (I think that's what it's called) so I think I might try the blackhead eliminating daily scrub for a change (:

  3. does the neutrogena scrub help spots as well as blackheads? and what moisturiser do you use with it? i love your monthly favourites :)

    Holly x

  4. Yeah I've found it does, it's great at preventing them :) the nivea pure & natural day cream xx

  5. I really like the neutrogena scrub :) and the nail varnish looks like a pretty colour

  6. I've used the Loreal hairspray in the past but feel it's got a really powder-like smell to it. It makes me cough and sneeze! lol.
    I love the Neutrogena scrub, use it every week :)



  7. I couldn't live without my elnett and I'm always amazed at how reasonably priced the natural collection make-up is and it's usually 3 for 2 aswell! xx

  8. I really need to try that scrub! :)

  9. i use that scrub and elnette of some sort, i have so many, and i love the smell!! However my boyfriend think it smells old womany... meh whatever!

    my fave this month is YSL SHOCKNG mascara, its freaking awesome!!!!

    the faux cils is awesome, but this new edition is just one step more incred, it does that loreal tube thing to you eyelashes so to extends them to the max and lifts without a curler, amamamazing!!


  10. Major love for that NC Mascra <3