Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Sunday in a nutshell

Bit of a scrambled post this one! First of all, happy November sweetie pies! Hope you all had a lovely Halloween and bonfire night, we're now on the rapid decline to Christmas and I cannot wait! As much as I love summer, you can't beat sitting inside with a hot drink all cosy while it's freezing outside. However, I haven't quite been able to embrace this factor of late as our boiler has broken down! Still, after a few visits and phone calls to and from British gas, we still have no heating, but I’ve just about mastered keeping myself at a cosy temperature with a few jumpers, blankets and a little electric heater.
So I've been absent nearly a week purely because just I’ve been busy getting back into the routine of 6th form. I've got a few posts lined up, my belated favourites should be up sometime tomorrow, at some point I’ll get up my NYC haul and hopefully some OOTD's. I'll leave you with what I got up last night at my friend's house, just playing around with some sparklers and a camera :)